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Super Sticks Two Pack Special Save $3.00 Only $24.98 Free Shipping
Super Sticks Two Pack Special Save $3.00 Only $24.98 Free Shipping
Item# Super Sticks Barrel Tip 5-A
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Product Description

Super-Sticks...The Technology Is In The Tip!

Jimmy Lento-Inventor of Super Sticks, Is Considered By Many, The Industry's Leading Innovator, and Well-Known By All Major Drum Stick and Percussion Companies.

When Playing Super Sticks- You're Playing a Stick With a Wealth of Innovation and "Firsts" That No Other Can Match!

Our Semi-Solid Flexible Open Tip Design Is Unmatched By Any Other Drum Stick Company "In The-World!"

When You Play Super Sticks, You Can Change Cymbal Sounds "On The-Fly!"-This Revolutionary
Feature Unto Itself is Ground-Breaking!

In Addition, You Will Be Able To Create Subtle to Full-Rounded Drum Tones With Ease, Accuracy, and Precision.
Play With Less Stress, and Experience Enhanced Speed, Power, Rebound, Balance and Control!

These Slightly Oversized, Yet Extremely Light-Weight Tips-Literally-Balance/Equalize The Butt and Neck of The Stick!

Super-Sticks...The Most Innovative Drum Stick Ever-Made!!

New-York Percussion Proudly Leads "The-World" In Drum Stick Technology!

Testing By Drummers From Around The World For 8 Years at NAMM and PASIC,
Along With 10 Years of R&D, Has Enabled Us To Perfect Super Sticks.

Part of Our Patented Tip Design is an Industry First “Snap-Lock” Attachment Process To The Stick.

While Totally Secure, This "Snap-Lock" Attachment To The Inner Sleeve Part of The Tip, Allows It To Flex/Move-Imperceptibly- Without You Knowing, As Part of Its Interaction With The Stick-Another Industry First!

Our "Snap-Lock" Attachment Process Does-Away With Using Any Form of Glue, Which Would Effect The Flexibilty
and Sound Capabilities of This One of a Kind Patented Tip, Which We Won't Compromise.

These One of a Kind Drum Sticks Are Without Rival and Can Change "How You Drum."

Play Super Sticks and Leave Your Old Ones at Home!