Jimmy Lento Is Considered By Many, The Industry's Leading Innovator. He Has Provided Product Consultation/Insight To Many Major Drum/Percussion Companies

His Triplet Drum Gloves Are Used By Sheer Beginners To The World's Top Drummers/Percussionists. The TDG's-Triplet Drum Gloves- Were Designed To Create an Adaptive Fulcrum for Maintaining and Developing One's Grip/Technique, Without Any False Dependency While Decreasing Stress and Strain On One's Hands/Wrists. The Fact Is That No Other Drumming Glove In The World Features This Patented Technology, Which Is Endorsed By Two Orthopedic Surgeons-One of Whom is a Professional Drummer, and Former Team Physician for The Los Angeles Dodgers and Anaheim Angels Baseball Teams

Enthusiastically Endorsed By Such Stars as: Gregg Bissonette, Bernard Purdie, Tris Imboden, Horacio Hernandez, Memo Acevedo, Dina Tauriello, Hillary Jones, Richie Garcia Kenwood Dennard, Sam Ruttenberg,Rick Van Horn,and Many, Many, Others.

The TDG's Have Been The Subject of Numerous Articles, and Endorsed By The National Association of Music Educators.
Triplet Drum Glove

Triplet Drum Glove<br> Now Available-%50 Off
Triplet Drum Glove
Now Available-%50 Off
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