Recommended By Renowned Sports M.D. and Professional Drummer-Dr. Luga Podesta

 Our Patented Tips May Help Relieve Stress
Our Patented Tips May Help Relieve Stress
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Read Our Review from Renowned Sports Physician and Drummer-Dr. Luga Podesta
Dr. Podesta Has Cared for Many of The Greatest Drummers and Percussionists Over The Past 20 Years.

April, 2018, New-York Percussion Super Sticks

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for sending me a pair of your Super Sticks to try out. I have to be honest, I was quite surprised with how well they played. I am a professional sports medicine physician and drummer that has cared for many of the industries greatest drummers and percussionists.

I have always played fatter heavier sticks and I was worried that the 5A size would be too light for me and not give me the same response and sound. Well I was surely mistaken. The 5A American Hickory Sticks felt great in my hands. The balance was great, they were extremely responsive, and the ability to change cymbal sounds was also impressive. I felt like I didnít have to grip as hard as I typically would which took a great deal of pressure off of the joints at the base of my thumb as well as on the tendons in my fingers and forearms.

From a medical stand point, it is my opinion that the design of the unique tip allowed the stick to bounce and respond more easily, decreasing some of the force that I would typically apply resulting in less strain on the tendons in my hand and vibration across my hands, wrist and forearms.

As a physician and drummer, I would not hesitate to recommend Super Sticks to my patients that are trying to prevent injuries in their hands and wrists or to those patients having difficulty playing due to arthritis in their fingers, with carpal tunnel syndrome or muscle and tendon injuries. Great job Jimmy and New York Percussion.

Luga Podesta, MD, FAAPMR Bluetail Medical Group Diplomat ABPMR & Sports Medicine Assistant Clinical Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Western University of Health Science 1201 Piper Blvd, Suite 24 Naples, FL 34110 Office: 239-631-1960 Email: