Customer Reviews

Ricky B. Writes:

Back to buy two more pair!!! Awesome sticks and sound amazing in the studio. Very durable compared to top brands, and feel great while playing. I have recorded 20 tracks with the pair I bought and hardly any marks or wear!

From: Scott N.


I wanted to share with you my complete satisfaction with your Super Sticks Product. I have used many different brands of drum sticks and after awhile they all tend to be very similar. When a product comes along thatís truly unique, I take a moment to try it and recognize the difference it makes in my playing. I have never used a drum stick that makes more impact when striking the bell of a cymbal due to the barrel shape tip on your product.

Again, just wanted to say thank you for in my opinion re-inventing the drum stick. Customer service is alive and well with your company.

Thanks! Scott

Danny D. States:

I took a chance on these sticks but didn't know what to expect. The fact is that it's a regular well made 5A with these totally different tips that allow me to experience making different tones on the cymbals, and my drums sound open not muffled and they feel great in my hands.

Mark T. Writes:

Just as advertised. Well balanced, finished, different nuances on cymbals, solid on drums, and very nice cross stick.

From: Thom J.

I like them they feel good in my hands and play well on all my drums and cymbals. I particularity like the way they sound on my cymbals. I play a lot of Primus and with the wood tipped sticks I have used take a real beating on the tips causing them to muffle the cymbals (if you know what I mean) so they don't sound crisp.

The Hickory barrel tipped Vater sticks I used last a while longer then the others but still were only good for a relatively short time. Your sticks sound the same today as they did when I bought them. In fact I'm planning on ordering a couple more pairs today just to have in case I end up breaking one. See my rating scale below

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Good Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent

L. Shelton Writes: I got some couple of weeks ago. They shipped right away and emailed a tracking number. The added rebound is noticable and just takes a little while to get use to. You can get more types of cymbal effects like the video. They are a bit heavier than most 5A. For. $10.00 a pair you can't go wrong. Most sticks cost that and more so not much to lose by trying.

J. Lewallen Writes: Just received mine today. Very fast shipping and a reasonable price. Spent around 15 minutes with them on the kit and like what I heard and felt. Looking forward to trying them at my next gig to see how they hold up during a 3 hour show and also how my hands feel. Based on the tip design Iím hoping that fatigue from vibration is reduced. Going to try and get a video review taped in the next week and up on YouTube.

From: T .Meyers I usually use a 5a hickory stick with a barrel tip so I didn't have much to get use to. I thought the weight and balance were good. The tips sound really good on my cymbals and drums for that matter. The sticks also had a good response when hitting light or hard.

One Example of Scores of Drummers Wanting to Switch to Super Sticks

Matt G Writes: I'm a drummer of 37 yrs and used to tour with bands, having endorsements with Cadeson Drums Promark sticks and I'm still endorsed by Joel Rothman drum tutorial books.

Im currently a teacher in northeast pa with 35 drum students. Do you have any endorsements with these sticks ? Thanks for your time.

From D. Miller

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent

M. Bryant Says:

Just received a pair of the Super Sticks today. Very cool product !

From: Mitch R.

Manhattan School of Music, Alumnus

Music Teacher of The Year, City of New York Band Director, Bronx, H.S. of Science-Retired


These Tips Are Truly Phenomenal, and Enhance My Ability to interpret various passages with Incredible Dynamics on Snare and Cymbals.

Iíve never found a drum stick like Super Sticks, and never will-they are one of a kind.